The Inmate Telephone Service for Meherrin River Regional Jail is provided by PayTel Communications, Inc.

To setup a Prepaid Account and receive calls from an inmate, you can:
• Visit Pay Tel's website:
• Call Pay Tel's Customer Service: 1-800-729-8355
Inmate Telephones
When booked into the jail, all inmates receive two (2) free telephone calls so they can call family, friends, attorney, etc. After those two calls have been made, all called parties must set up an account with Paytel so they can receive calls from the inmate. Instructions are below.

Telephones are located in all housing areas for inmate use and are available between 9am - 10:15pm each day unless the jail is on lockdown, emergency situations, or other times deemed necessary.

All calls are pre-paid debit or collect and subject to being monitored. Calls are limited to fifteen (15) minutes to allow all inmates to use the phone. The Inmate Telephone System does not allow incoming calls and will disconnect if an attempt is made to:
For additional information, please download a copy of the brochure below:
English Brochure
Spanish Brochure
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• make a 3-way call
• answer Call Waiting
• put a call on hold
• forward or transfer a call
Calls may also disconnect if:
• you stop talking without hanging up
• use a cordless telephone (static)
• use a cell phone (dropped cell tower)
Money can be added to your Paytel account in any of the following ways:
• By Internet:
• By Phone: 1-800-729-9355
• By depositing money at the ATM located in the lobby of each facility
• Moneygram or Western Union
• Check or Money Order made payable to Pay Tel Communications, PO Box 19290, Greensboro, NC 27419. (
All checks sent through the mail must include customer's first and last name, address, driver's license number, & PIN number when the account was opened or wish to use if you are opening an account.)
Money can be added to the inmate's Paytel account in any of the following ways:
• By depositing money at the ATM located in the lobby of each facility
• By any of the ways to add money to an Inmate's account.
NOTE: It will be the inmate's responsibility to transfer the money to his/her phone account.
Meherrin River Regional Jail
Telephones for inmate use are located in all housing areas of the jail and are available for use from 9am - 10:15pm each day.